Libra 开发者采风

Libra Developer Spotlight

September 12, 2019

Michael Engle, Libra Association

我们很高兴看到全球各地有如此众多的开发者率先在 Libra 测试网上进行创新的工作。这里就把那些有亮点的例子分享出来!

We’re so excited to see so many leading developers from around the globe innovating and working on the Libra testnet. We wanted to share a few examples that caught our eye!

交易 Transactions

金融科技App:PayWithCurl 的创始人 Mike Kelly 在此 Twitter帖子中展示了一个演示版的 Libra 钱包,不但如此还在该平台上构建了一系列的付款应用程序,用于测试模式:

Mike Kelly, Founder of fintech app PayWithCurl, in this Twitter thread, showed off a demo Libra wallet and range of test-mode payments applications he and his team had built on the platform:

@paywithcurl 团队决定在 @Libra_ 基础上构建

The @paywithcurl team decided to do some building on top of @Libra_ and take the testnet for a spin. This is what we’ve built so far (thread)

开始时候,一个 Libra 钱包利用 OAuth API 进行支付。这里是我登入到 Curl 然后连接我的 Libra 钱包
Firstly, a Libra wallet with an OAuth API for payments. Here’s me signing up to Curl and connecting my Libra wallet
— Mike Kelly (@mikekelly85) June 19, 2019

“从构建者角度看:Libra 显然还处于起步阶段,并且存在一些粗糙的地方,但是入门和探索的工具和文档都非常好,注重细节。非常乐见这就是银行帐户和转账的未来!
“From our builder’s standpoint: Libra is obviously still very early days and there are some rough edges, but the tooling and docs for getting started and poking around are very good. A lot of attention to detail. If this is the future of bank accounts and payments, happy days!”


Though a block explorer wasn’t released at launch, developers were quick to get to work, with a polished solution for easily scanning transactions cropping up seemingly overnight. Gal Diskin is to thank for the creation and maintenance of

“为了编写这工具,我花了一晚的通宵,仍乐此不疲,第二天我就把它发布出去了。发布 之后马上有人伸出援手来参与改进,他们真是好哥们,得谢谢他们!能看到 Libra 开发社区如此积极的力量——实在太棒啦!”
"It was exciting to build a tool to support the developer community which was why I got hooked up on it and worked all night the first day to deliver it. I want to thank all the contributors that reached out and helped improve after it's creation, it is really great to see the power of community around Libra development."

社区里还有其他 Libra 测试网的浏览器,包括 LibraVistaLibranaut、和 Libratics 等等。

Other community members have released Libra block explorers for the testnet – these include LibraVista, Libranaut, and Libratics, amongst others.

开发工具及其他 Dev Tools and Beyond

为了在测试网上交易,人们构建了最早期的 Libra 应用程序——软件工程师 Agro Rachmatullah 迅速地发布了第一版的 iOS Libra 钱包,如他视频中演示的。

Those transacting on the testnet are building some of the earliest Libra applications – software engineer Agro Rachmatullah, was quick to release one of the first iOS Libra wallets, as he demonstrates in this video.

世界上第一款 iOS 非官方的 #libra 钱包,用了一个晚上写好。传送时间真的快……Libra 不像比特币和以太坊那样完整的公开,但这却是发挥电子货币和去中心化金融潜力的正确一步。

World's first unofficial iOS #libra wallet, made in 1 night lol. Transfer time is so fast... ? Libra is not completely open like Bitcoin and Ethereum, but it's a step in the right direction to show the potential of cryptocurrency & decentralized finance

— Agro Rachmatullah (ラクマ) (@agro1986) June 19, 2019
"World's first unofficial iOS #libra wallet, made in 1 night...Transfer time is so fast… ?"

如果嫌设置客户端太麻烦,可以使用一次性的 Web 钱包,作者是 Kulap,甚至可以构建你自己的钱包,它带有相关的文档。用户可以创建他们自己的钱包,允许带有 100 未激活的 Libra 测试货币,在一个 Web 页面上通过二维码发送给朋友。

For users that simply wish to try out Libra without setting up a client, a disposable web wallet created by Kulap can be tried out here – it even comes with an extensive guide on building your own. Users can create their wallets (with 100 inactive Test Libra Coins) and just open a web page to send it to their friends via QR Code! 的智能合约开发者 Nattapon Nimakul 说道,

Nattapon Nimakul, Smart Contract Developer at said;

这个 POC Libra 钱包专注于向用户展示其工作原理,例如在手机、笔记本和桌面电脑上。
"This POC Libra wallet focusses on users to show how it works by allowing them to play it on their smartphone, laptop or desktop."

同样重要的是,为了降低进入门槛,杰出的开发者已经先行一步——gRPC 客户端业已问世(JavaScript,Python,Go),对于那些习惯使用传统语言编程的人也是好事一桩;对于 Docker爱好者有个好消息,就是全栈开发人员Michael Pambo Ognana发布了一个镜像,可以用来跑你测试网上第一笔 Libra 交易。

It is equally important to recognise the work done by talented developers to lower the barriers to entry for others – for those more comfortable programming in traditional languages, gRPC clients have surfaced (JavaScript, Python, Go), and Docker aficionados will be happy to hear that full-stack dev Michael Pambo Ognana has released an image for running through your first Libra testnet transaction.

其他值得注意的是 Libra 上启动的第一个令牌,REST API以及与ChainIDE的集成

Other notable mentions include the first token launched on Libra, REST APIs and integration into ChainIDE.

Libra Core客户端公开的gRPC端点在编程时提供了极大的灵活性。社区成员迅速发布了多种语言的客户端实现,使得开发者可以快速开发 Libra 的 App,包括 GoPythonJavaPHPJavaScriptC#

The gRPC endpoints exposed by the Libra Core client have allowed for great flexibility when it comes to programming. Members of the community have been quick to release implementations of clients in a range of languages, so that developers could rapidly start building Libra apps in Go, Python, Java, PHP, JavaScript and C#.

要找地方去消耗你测试网的货币吗?试试 Kulap 的 Libra Coffee 电子商务原型。

Need somewhere to spend your testnet coins? Try out Kulap’s Libra Coffee e-commerce prototype.


如何参与 How to Get Involved


We’ve been overwhelmed by the positivity and interest in the Libra, and we look forward to working collaboratively with our developer community to see more innovative applications evolving in the coming weeks, months and years.

Libra开发者社区非常欢迎初学者来这里提问和学习,这里有大量的 Libra 工程师和用户回答你的技术问题。另外记得去官网看看完整的文档,那里就是入门的最佳途径。最后,请大家关注我们的推特和 GitHub 以获取开发的最新消息。

Newcomers seeking to get involved with the community are encouraged to join the official Libra Developer Community here, where users and Libra engineers frequently answer technical questions. Don’t forget to check out the comprehensive documentation on our website made available for developers looking to get started. Last but not least, stay up to date with all of the latest news and developments on Twitter and GitHub.

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